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It's all about Jesus. Mars Hill Tacoma exists to make disciples and plant churches in his name from Tacoma.

Coming soon! Currently we meet with Mars Hill Federal Way for Services on Saturdays at 4pm.

Photo Essay: Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Hundreds of people from both Mars Hill and Life Center showed up to help raise funds for the new Tacoma building.

Pastor Aaron leads the band in worship.

Pastor Dean and Pastor Bubba waiting for the everyone to arrive.

The fundraiser exceeded our goal, raising $10,724.15. God is so good!

Life Center generously hosted us, filling our hearts and bellies with brotherly love.

Stacy Kilcup serves as an intern at Mars Hill Federal Way. Her story shows adoption & change through Jesus.

“My story of how Jesus changed my life starts when I was two weeks old. My biological parents didn’t want to be parents so they gave me to my grandparents who I called Mom and my Papa John. My grandparents loved Jesus. When I was five, I accepted Jesus into my heart.”

“During my early twenties I started to ask some hard questions. I knew I was a Christian and believed in Jesus, but I was not growing. At twenty-one, I left the church I grew up in and went to a different one. Then I started dating a non-Christian guy.  I was falling so fast. I became depressed and at one point wanted to end my life.  I started to go to a Christian counselor. At this point, Jesus started changing my life. I ended the relationship with the boy and started digging in the Word of God.”  

“At twenty-three, my relationship with Jesus became real to me and I started to live my life for him.  I started to look at Jesus as more than just the reason I go to church on Sundays. I started to read my Bible daily and started growing. I came across Ephesians 1:11: ‘In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will.’ I made Mars Hill Federal Way my home church three years ago. When I started going to Mars Hill Ballard, I was a consumer. I would drive to Ballard for the 7pm service and leave as soon as it ended. I was scared to get connected because I didn’t want to be vulnerable.”  

“Jesus Christ has changed my life. I have learned what it is to be a servant with a servant’s heart. I have been able to see my life and others’ lives change because of Jesus. Everyday, I want to find out more about my wonderful savior that I serve. During the past six months of my internship,  I have never been so eager to learn more and more. I am excited to see what the remainder of the internship will teach me.”

To learn more about internships at Mars Hill, visit:

Maryana’s Testimony

Maryana Spatarel serves as a volunteer at Mars Hill Federal Way. Her story reveals growth through serving like Jesus.

“I grew up in a Christian home. In my teenage years, I had to make my faith my own. I was about thirteen and the stories I heard in children’s church just didn’t cut it anymore. I had to ask myself the hard questions. There wasn’t an exact date that I met Jesus. Over a period of a year, it became my own faith.”

“I think serving is a privilege for me: to serve God’s people and people in general. I have joy in serving because it reminds me of what Jesus has to do for me—what He has done and what He is doing. He’s been growing my joy; it’s kind of humbling to serve and go unnoticed because people go out and reap the fruit of how you’ve served, even if they don’t know who did it. I was taught that and it gave me joy.”

Maryana has been serving almost a year at Mars Hill Federal Way. She serves in several areas that still need more volunteers: hospitality, hosting/greeting, communion, and financial.

If you would like to find out more about serving, please fill out the other side of this Connect Card and return it to someone at the Connect Desk. You can also email:

As Maryana’s testimony shows, service came as a fruit of knowing Jesus, and she grew closer to Jesus by asking tough questions. If you have questions about Jesus, please talk to a leader after service, and get plugged into a community group.

We have more information about community groups at the Connect Desk and on our Facebook page:

Seth Roth serves as an intern at Mars Hill Federal Way. His story is one of change and growth through Jesus Christ.

“I came into the internship not really knowing what to expect or knowing how Christ might move in my life. I figured I would just show up every week for tear down and set up, and possibly lead a couple of songs sometime.”

“A couple months into the internship, I was faced with a big failure in my life that I had to deal with, based in immaturity, pride and arrogance. But because of the grace of God, I was able to receive correction from my leaders, Deacon Dave and Pastor Aaron. I fully began walking through repentance daily.”

“Another joy from this internship has been being able to lead Mars Hill FDW in worship. I have learned so much and grown in the area of viewing the Cross and Christ’s redeeming love through song. I have gained a lot of knowledge in setting up services with Gospel based songs. It has been a huge honor to be able to lead the Mars Hill FDW family in music.”

“Another huge part of my internship has been the technology side of things. If you knew me at all before this internship, you would know that I was the least “techy” person ever, but now as an office manager, my boss usually turns to me for advice when it comes to technology problems. This is a small piece of the grace of God…me learning to deal with computers.”

“Overall this internship has changed my viewpoint on what being a leader takes and how awesome it is to sacrifice time, blood, sweat, and tears to serve Christ and His bride!”

Our amazing God is changing the hearts of people every day. Let us rejoice that Jesus Christ reigns and saves.

Internships through Mars Hill provide opportunities for training and equipping, discipleship and growth, as well as structure and flexibility. Through a year of serving, interns can learn from teachers, fellowship with other interns, and discover their passion for following Jesus.

Currently we need interns in Operations, Biblical Living, Worship, Productions, MH Students, and MH Kids. Interested? Fill out an application at:

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Tyler Paller’s Testimony



I would love to share my testimony.

 I have been attending church my whole life with my family, so I have known about Jesus since I was a child. However, my dad was a very self-righteous man who would try to use Bible verses to suit his own needs. For instance, he would only work part-time because he thought being poor was the righteous thing to do, and then he would quote some Bible verse to justify this. We ended up living in squalor for quite a while because of this. He was also big on punishing us as soon as we did anything he believed to be unbiblical. Even after my parents divorced and I stopped seeing my dad for the most part, I didn’t see Jesus or God as anything but big entities that wanted to punish me as soon as I did anything wrong. This completely turned me off to listening to anything that had to do with God. I would tune out as much as possible every time I went to church, and change the subject any time someone would bring up God at all.  

Eventually, I ended up going to a Christian play that got me to finally, really think about my life and God. I thought about all of the sinning I had been doing and how unhappy I was with my life. I knew that I couldn’t continue to live the way I had been living. For the first time I saw Jesus as a savior and not just some set of rules. I realized how much love and grace he had and could continue to bestow upon my life. Thats when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. 

I had actually taken quite a while after accepting the Lord to become baptized; so, the only thing I could think about during my baptism was that it was about time I had finally done it. 

As far as prayers go I actually do have a few requests. I’m leaving for Australia in less than a week to study abroad. I would like you guys to pray for me about finding a good church over there. 

Tyler Paller 

Kevin and Becca Rich are members of the Tacoma core that will be planting Mars Hill Tacoma next fall. They live in Lakewood with their 4 kids: Hope, Cambria, Abraham and Israel. You’ve probably seen them around Mars Hill Federal Way serving the church with their cameras. They help document God’s work in his family here in the south sound. 

We met with them a few days after Christmas and asked them about how they became part of God’s family and what that has meant to them.


I prayed “the prayer” when I was 14 at a youth group camp, looking back in my life I can see how God protected me and my sister from a lot of things that could have been really dangerous. I still continued to make really bad decisions. My faith in Christ played a no role in my day-to-day life.

It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I really understood what it meant to die to yourself and live for Christ… and have that be everything. It took a lot of bad decisions, getting knocked down, and an abusive marriage that led to being a single mom before I was in that place.

My dad was a youth pastor so we always went to church growing up. I remember accepting Christ and being baptized when I was very young. I went through that same thing that a lot of kids go through in the church… you go through that crisis of whether this is your faith or your parent’s faith. 

I never really doubted that God or Jesus was real or that he impacted me and effected what I did, but I didn’t really feel it personally until I was 20 and in Bible college. I realized I was not who I used to be… that everything had changed. I recognized it as my own faith. I never doubted God’s hand in my life, but thats when I grasped the implications of what it actually meant. 


Kevin and I had dated when we were younger and went our separate ways after high school. 18 months later I married someone else and left when Hope was still a tiny baby. 

I spent a lot of time being angry at God. I never questioned whether he was real but I was so mad at him for the cards that I had been dealt and continued to live in rebellion and sin. It wasn’t until after a lot of whining and kicking that I saw his hand in my life and became extremely grateful for his grace.

Becca and I had never really lost contact, we would still see how each other was doing from time to time even if it was briefly every 9 months.

When I was at Bible College, everyone was getting married, you know… that is what you go to Bible College for. 

I remember having it on my mind but not really wanting to marry anyone there. It was about that time when I started to think that God was calling me to marry a single mom. Which was a strange thought, being at a Bible College, because there weren’t really any single moms there. 

One of the times we talked, Becca shared with me how drastically her life had changed since the last time we touched base. As a friend, I began to pray for her…it wasn’t until later that I really started praying about marrying her.

We started dating again, and we didn’t really waste time. We had a conversation that either we were going to get married soon or we were going to be just friends and needed to rework our relationship. I knew I had made enough bad decisions and knew I needed to put Hope first.

When I told him, He said that he’d been praying about this moment for a year. We got engaged in March and got married in June!

We just barely squeezed in our pre-marital counseling!


I think that living this life as a part of God’s family has changed everything.

Growing up I didn’t really have any family at all. I had a Grandfather who loved me very much and kept me from a lot of danger but that was pretty much it. 

Being part of God’s family… is amazing. This life is really messy. People have their issues and their baggage and their sin. It’s not heaven. Being able to meet together as a community group and unpack our sin and still love each other despite of that because Jesus died on the cross for it… we can offer truth and clarity in each others lives. It’s changed my character, who I am, my kids… I can’t imagine how great it would be to be in community as a kid. We’re teaching them that even though these aren’t your blood relatives, these are your brothers and sisters in Christ. This is how you love one another, and they see that love given back to them. It’s so cool, because our kids don’t know anything different.

Being part of God’s family means it isn’t just the six of us. That’s been really evident in our community group. We get a lot of single guys who are away from the only “family” they’ve ever known. Some come because they’re tired of eating in the cafeteria so they come and join us for a meal. Little do they know… my kids will turn them into uncles that they climb on and chase around the house within 30 minutes. It’s been awesome to include them in our family.

Last Saturday we met at what will be the new home for the church family in Tacoma. About 75 people dedicated their morning to prepare the space for renovations. The plan is to have the building ready for services in the fall of 2013. 

We asked some of our church family about the new home and what it means to them. 

"It makes me teary eyed to talk about it too much. I keep thinking about how my kids could very well get married inside this church some day."

"I never thought I would be so excited to get up early on a Saturday and work so hard. For three years my wife and I have prayed for this building and prayed for Tacoma. I feel so blessed to be here."

"We have a new home. It needs a lot of work and a lot of love, just like all the people that will call this church home. It is out with the old and in with the new."

Check out a video with Pastor Mark and Pastor Bubba introducing the new Tacoma church.

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